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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Five Christmas cards for April............

Good morning!

Well, as promised here are my five Christmas cards made in April for my new years resolution of five Christmas cards a month for 2017!

These are a little different but hey, that's me right? I like to be a little different in what I do and bring you.

OK, as usual, they are a batch make all similar but not identical so I've taken some photo's to break them up a bit for you.

All of the cards have been made in a similar way so I'll talk you through this one, the others have been done similarly using slightly different colours etc.

I started off with Sheena Stamping card and I have had some fun using spray inks on the background.  I have stamped my Santa on each card and the lovely wording from "Twas the night before Christmas".  Some cards were stamped and embossed with Merry Christmas as well.

Now, I had to make Father Christmas the magical man that he is so I have used some Indigoblu super thick slap it on on his beards and have pressed in some super chunky glitter all around the beards and his hairline - that looks better!!!!!

The mat behind has been silver embossed with snow flakes on some and simply stamped with blue on others.

This card had some die cuts added, others have been finished with different pens to outline.

A bit of a break from the "traditional" style of Christmas card but I like to be different!

There, month four, mission complete!

Thanks for stopping by today,
Leanne xx

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  1. Yes, different to the norm but that makes them even more fabulous! Well done you for cracking on with your Christmas cards. Crafty hugs, Sandra x