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Monday, 11 December 2017

Baby It's Cold Outside..........brrrrrr

Morning folks! Hope you are keeping warm?

Well thought I'd pop a post on today and it just had to be something icy didn't it? So here is a card that I recently made for my daughters Christmas fair (I've called it The Ice Queen).  Completed in distress inks using the brilliant face it stamp set and the face mask and stencil set from Visible Image.

We've had quite a dumping of snow here and it's frozen overnight so I'm staying put today until it's all gone!!!! Living out here in the middle of the countryside is perfect in the Spring and Summer but the winter brings it's challenges - particularly when it's half a mile to the road from the house!

The boys are loving it!

Keep warm my friends and stay safe on those roads....

Thanks for stopping by today,
Leanne xxxxx


  1. Oh boy, you really did get some snow didn’t you. Your two boys look like they’re enjoying it though and what a lovely photo. Your card is superb and I love the frosty blue that you’ve used. It looks great in conjunction with the snowflakes. It’s amazing how many different looks can be achieved with this stamp set and this one is up there as one of my favourites. Stay warm and have a lovely week. Crafty hugs, Sandra x x

  2. Looks pretty much as it does here Leanne and like you we are well off the beaten track, looks like your boys love it, our labs are non too keen but funnily enough Poppy the Jack Russel has great fun diving her nose into it (wearing her little red coat of course).

    Great card, really striking vace with the black lippy.

    B x

  3. Love this card - I have this set so might try something similar. Love your dogs.