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Sunday, 26 June 2016

May Flowers.....

Good morning!

Well, this one was a little different for me.  This was a project that I did for The Ken Oliver blog (Kensworldinprogress) for the "May Flowers" challenge.  You had to use the Ken Oliver Color Burst range.  I must admit I did find it fun playing and seeing what I could achieve with these products.

First of all I started to draw the bleeding heart flowers with a very light pencil and then I masked over them with drawing gum.  I then went to town on laying down some colour for the background by simply mixing the color burst with water and painting as with a water colour paint.  I splashed all over the masking fluid (as you can when you mask off your original drawing/rubber stamp design etc) and then rubbed away the masking fluid to reveal nice clean white flowers.  I then mixed some of the color burst to make the vibrant pinks and painted the flowers in.  With a few sprinkles of color burst around the design and some spritzing and a "beautiful" sentiment I was done!  An example of what can be achieved using Ken Oliver Color Burst range.

I backed with lilac felt this time to show off the colours.

This was entered in to the Ken Oliver (Kensworldinprogress) May challenge and although I didn't win, my entry did feature on his blog for Monday June 6th 2016 when they showed just a few of the entries so I was absolutely chuffed (considering who's blog it is and that its an American blog!!).

Pretty and quite jolly I thought.

Thanks for stopping by,
Leanne x


  1. Beautiful - the perfect sentiment for his Leanne! I don't have any of the color burst range (yet hehehe) but I love how they are so bright and cheery. Love how you have used them on this.
    Dot x

    1. I'm sure you'll have them in due time!! Thanks for all your support Dot! xx