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Monday, 15 August 2016

A technique day.................. brayer mirror image.............

 Morning, well, I've scheduled this blog today as I will be just landing at Gatwick from my holiday so I thought it was an apt opportunity to share a technique I use quite often (and I used and promised a blog on 22nd July when I used it on my under the sea card).

Now, reflections aren't always the easiest of things to achieve and I don't want to teach anyone how to suck eggs either!!!  This is a simple technique that I use when I feel that I need a mirror image of a stamp - sometimes to balance a card, sometimes because I simply want two of a single image and I only have the one stamp!

This works for me and I'm simply using this opportunity to share it with you.......
 These are the two finished pieces, both made with only one rubber stamp but handy when you can make two!

OK, I started with the same fish as I used in my under the sea card on 22nd July.  I stamped it in a nice new Momento Tuxedo Black ink pad.

Stamped the image on to white card stock.

Then simply re-inked the stamp and walked the brayer over it (a firm brayer is best for this).

Then, without delay, walk the brayer over your card stock - ta dah!! Your fish has a friend!!!!

I don't always but sometimes just need to fill in the outline a bit with a fine liner, this is because I am usually messing around with a lot of inks and paints and the image is fine left as it landed. Two fish!!

This time I'm working with a seahorse. Inked it up with a nice juicy ink pad.

A seahorse and his friend (or himself if he's looking in a mirror of course!).

All done, a simple technique that is easy to do with little risk to your artwork.

I hope I've inspired you to have a go?  So, when you've got one stamp and need two - there you go!!

Thanks for stopping by,

Leanne xx


  1. Thanks for this tip, I will have to try it! And thanks for taking the time to show your process, it really helps.

  2. Never seen that technique before, look forward to trying it :)