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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Katie's birthday cards...........

Good morning!

I'm sharing a couple of personal makes this morning - the two cards that I made for my daughter Katie's 17th birthday mid August.

Katie was a very lucky girl and received her first car for her birthday and yes, from the first card there, you guessed it, it was a little black mini with black wheels!!!!

The second make is the card that I made for her sister to give to her.

Both full of colour - the way that Katie's likes it!!!

She seemed very pleased with them anyway and two lovely cards to keep I think.

Thanks for stopping by,

Leanne xxx


  1. Slowly catching up after holidays so popping in to to see what I've missed as well as the lovely creation on this post, sure Katie loved them.

    B x

  2. Very beautiful Leanne. Love this.
    Hugs Carola