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Friday, 3 March 2017

Inspiration for hand drawing..."Inspire"....

Good morning!

How are you today?  I'm going to take you rather "off piste" today and our journey is down a road we rarely take so I hope that you enjoy it!

Now, I was inspired to have a go at this piece of artwork by Kay at Indigoblu - from her show on Hochanda using Gelatos.  So I thought, lets have a go and see what happens!  Quite a lot happened and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!  So lets see how I got to the finished piece of work:-

OK, I started by marking off a 7 x 7 inch square on my watercolour block pad and I pencilled in the face being careful to try and get everything in to proportion as Kay had showed us how to do.

Don't panic! - All was going very well!!!!  In came the Gelatos and I started to build up the facial colours and leave some open patches where I knew I needed light on the finished result.

The hair had started here and I also started to go deeper with the facial tones.

More work on the hair and the blending of it and further work with the Gelatos on the face too. It's coming together!

Some Imagination Crafts Starlights were added through a stencil here.

Ta dahhh!!!!! Finished! Added a few colour matching gems and the sentiment "Inspire" (Clarity Stamp Alphabet Stamps) then mat and layered and mounted on to an 8 x 8 card.

There, something a bit different but give it a go! It was really motivational to see it coming to life. I hope this has inspired you to have a go drawing your own designs.

No stamping, just purely hand drawn, if I can do it, so can you!

Hope you enjoyed our journey today, down a road we've never been down before.

Thanks for stopping by,
Leanne xx


  1. Wow, that face is so good Leanne that I thought it was a stamp! You are one clever lady. Unfortunately, I still draw like I did at school and I haven't really moved on from stick people. On the plus side though, that's the level I need when I'm drawing with my two year old Granddaughter! :) I love how you've slowly built the picture and the various shades of green look fabulous. Well done for creating such a wonderful piece of art. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, crafty hugs, Sandra x

  2. This is just simply wonderful Leanne!! I love the green hair and the matching gems! Kay's show was really good wasn't it xx