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Friday, 6 January 2017

Sometimes in the winds of change.................

Good morning!

Well, this card has been made from the heart really.  Tomorrow I shall close one of my businesses (a very large local pet shop) due to Pets At Home having moved in to the town last March where from it has been removing my customers ever since!  Not too much of a drama as I've obtained planning permission for a change of use so what was a lovely independent pet shop with full animal licence - it will now be flats! - Thats the local council for you!!!  So, after 30 years of trading in our family and although it is sad, I think I'm ready to let the hard work go now and take the rental income instead and so this card was made while I thought to the future really.  

I must admit, while my mind was a bit elsewhere, I did forget to take the photo's as I went along but I'll talk you through it as always.

I think you can see from this artwork (or at least I can) that my mind has been unsettled for a while as I had to make some rather large decisions.  The air is stormy, the colours quite dark and the sentiment was perfect.

I started with my usual piece of Sheena Stamping card which had been sprayed with some bister spray inks and left to dry.  I then turned the card until I could see how I could get my stamped images on there and looking right.  So I then stamped the man and the tree (both Clarity Stamp) in black Momento ink.  I grounded them both using a piece of torn paper and some sponged distress ink.  Using the same torn paper and distress ink I added the hill in the distance.  The clouds have been done by just smoothing over some gesso gently and then enhancing with a soft charcoal pencil.  The grasses at the front are from Inkylicious and I just had to ensure that they were leaning over in the same direction as the wind was blowing!  

The final touches are a few spots of water, just dripped from my fingertips and the colour removed with a piece of kitchen towel and the shadow put in with the charcoal pencil from the mans legs with some white pen to highlight around him and the tree.

A sad time for me and my staff at Pettifers Pet Shop in Rushden, Northants.  (I do have other businesses) - this was a much loved shop but too smaller fish to compete against the larger chain.  At least with the rental income from the completed flats, I won't have to get out of bed to earn the same income. - Do you sense bitterness? - yes, do you sense sadness? - yes, do we pick ourselves back up, brush ourselves down and carry on and make the best of what we have got - YES WE DO!!!!

"Sometimes in the winds of change - we do find our true direction",

Thanks for stopping by,
Leanne xx


  1. Oh dear, Leanne, I'm so sorry to read this news and I wish you luck in your new venture. This is just happening time and time again and then before long, people will be crying out for things to be how the used to. Years ago, I used to really enjoy a day shopping in town, browsing through the little shops and market but now it's mostly the the larger chains, and to me, they are all just the same, very boring! That's my rant over now and so onto your card and what a stunner it is. That raw emotion that you're going through really shows in this piece. The card is full of force, energy and movement and I have to say that I absolutely love it, and everything about it. I think you should frame it and every time you're feeling down about things, just read the sentiment. Unfortunately, change is inevitable and effects each and every one of us at one time or another. Wishing you much love and crafty hugs, Sandra x X

  2. Such a shame Leanne but it's good that you could release some of those turbulent emotions with this card. You must have felt really good after it was completed. Great piece and thank goodness for crafting.

    I know you must be sad but you know what they say - as one door closes another opens so maybe 2017 is your year to sit back with your feet up and just take the money.

    Warm crafty hugs from Shirl x x x

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    1. Aww bless you Shirley, yes, I might try and do just that! xxx