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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Are my family telling me something??!!!!...

Good morning!

A short extra post this week as I thought I'd share a couple of my Christmas presents from my husband and my children with you.  Oh no, it's not lovely new stamps, no, it's not beautiful stencils or paints or inks or card, it's a box of rubber gloves and a desktop Henry hoover!!!!!!!!!!!😂

Are they trying to tell me something????!!!!!!

OK, yes, my hands and fingers are usually different colours most days of the week and never a normal skin colour.  Yes, my desk is usually covered in embossing powder that you cannot see but can feel on all your card stock or rubbings from rubbing off masking fluid- so I guess I give them 10 out of 10 for trying to tidy me up?!!!

I must confess, they did treat me to some Powertex (SO I'M GOING TO GET SUPER MESSY!!!), stencils and stamps from Clarity Stamp and stencils from Sheena Douglass and 120 polychromo colouring pencils so I am really grateful for some super crafty goodies.......just have to try and find room to put them in the craft room now!!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by, see you on Friday as usual.....
Leanne xx

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