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Monday, 2 January 2017

A hook at one end, an optimist at the other.......

Good morning and Happy New Year to you!!!!

Well, as promised on Friday, here is the second of two pieces of artwork that were produced from pieces of card stock that had been used to clean off my brayer! The other piece is here on the blog post for last Friday.

OK, so we are now concentrating on the green and yellow brayer clean up card at the top here.

Once I've got my card and finished the artwork that I've been doing, I turn to the piece of card that I've used to clean off my brayer.   I love to turn it around and around and try and see what i can see in the ink - this is where you do need a bit of imagination but believe me, it's a challenge and it's great fun - especially as you carry on working with it.

So my journey with this piece found me starting with the image of water - I could see height on the right and perhaps water on the left - do you see it? It's really quite strange how one person sees one thing and someone sees something quite different!  I've tried this with my family and we all see totally different things!!!

OK, so I tore a piece of paper and sponged some black distress ink on to the right hand corner and I had a riverbank in my view.   From here, my mind did the rest!

This was so simple! I had to make that riverbank look more like one (and I think Ive done this using some Inkylicious stamps here) and with a moon, the water horizon line just enhanced a little bit and a man in his rowing boat - it just emerged off of the page!

Such a simple technique out of a piece of waste card - again, bouncing off of the back of another piece of artwork that I had done and just the cleaning off of my brayer!

Hope you've perhaps seen something new here  and if not, I really hope that you enjoy letting your eyes and your mind see what can come from a piece of brayered card stock!

A reminder of what we started with over the last two posts here on the blog. - I think it's amazing!

Ok - on a different note - 

Have you got a new years resolution?  I'm sticking with the same one that I had last year - so come on followers, we can do this, it's not hard and it gives you an excuse to get in that craft room and think of something festive and jolly once a month - FIVE CHRISTMAS CARDS A MONTH!!  I CHALLENGE YOU - I'll do it and once a month, I'll blog my five cards!  There a promise!!! So look out for my efforts appearing on here throughout 2017!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your new year celebrations. I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2017.

Leanne xxx


  1. What a fabulous way of cleaning your brayer and producing a piece of art with it. It looks wonderful. I'm going pin it on my Inkylicious Pinterest board so that lots more people can share it. Take care Leanne and have a lovely day. Crafty hugs, Sandra x

  2. Great use of the leftovers from your brayer Leanne. Imagination is everything when you are producing pieces of artwork and this card is gorgeous.

    Warm crafty hugs from Shirl x x x