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Friday, 18 November 2016

I'm Grateful............

Good morning!

Well I have to admit, this card is a "train journey card" - (meaning that I did most of it while on my train journey up to Durham to see my daughter Hayley at uni!!!) - oh yes, have craft goodies.....can travel!!!!!! - It actually made the journey pass very quickly along with working on my laptop scheduling my blog! (My husband banned all paints so yours truly packed Spectrum Aqua markers and a water brush, along with pencils an acrylic block to mix the colours on, kitchen towel etc etc!!!!).

I took some photo's along the way so lets take our journey and see how I got there shall we?

The first thing that I did was inked up a mini gelli plate and stamped through a normal, pretty paper doily with artistry ink.  I stamped it four times to cover the Sheena stamping card underneath.

There, quite pretty and a good starting point for my stamping.

Right, we were ready to go on the train!!!  (I prepared it to the stage at home!).  I diluted some of the artistry ink on my work mat and just dipped the edges of the card in it and "swooshed" it about in it.  I then stamped my lovely poppies (Woodware) in Archival watering can and we were ready to go!

All the colouring here was done on the train - Spectrum Aqua markers diluted / mixed on my acrylic block and my Spectrum Noir colouring pencils too.  When I got home I highlighted some outer edging with a white pen and the darker side I opted to work with a charcoal pencil.  The sentiment of "I'm grateful" was then stamped in Archival watering can (Chocolate Baroque). Some modelling paste was swept over the same paper doily (I figured that this would have been far too messy on the train and I'd have been asked to get off at the next stop!!!!!!) and some circles were printed with the artistry ink with old bottle lids.

Matted and layered having sponged the same artistry ink on to the outer layer to match the whole colour scheme.

Very happy with that and really pretty! (and was I happy to see my little girl again after six weeks of missing her dreadfully).

A private peek for you (especially those of you that so kindly follow me and pass on such wonderful and kind comments each week - it makes it all so worthwhile).

Myself and Hayley - we went to Lumley Castle for Sunday lunch.

One side of Durham Cathedral - it's enormous!!! A beautiful city if you get the chance to visit.

I would like to enter this piece in to The Craft Barn two weekly challenge of "Poppy":-

Thanks for stopping by,
Leanne xx


  1. I love to read your posts about how your cards go from a scrap of card to the finished article and this one really made me smile. I bet it was a way more interesting watching you colouring on the train than looking at the usual telephone conversations! It's a beautiful card and the Poppies are coloured to perfection. The photograph of Haley and yourself is really lovely and should definitely take pride of place in the family album. Enjoy your weekend Leanne. Crafty hugs, Sandra x

  2. Just beautiful, Leanne.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs Carola

  3. Wow Leanne, great card and with a story too! Thank you for entering The Craft Barn Alpha Challenge xx

  4. A beautiful card with lots of lovely texture.