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Monday, 24 October 2016

For a gentleman......

Good morning!

This was a card made while I was messing about and doing a bit of experimenting really!

Lets take our usual journey.....

I started with my blank piece of Sheena stamping card and stamped the image of the man (Viva Decor) and covered him in masking fluid.

Then I decided to experiment a bit with Gelato's so I had a scribble with three different colours (one was gold) and applied water with a paintbrush and blended them completely together and allowed them to dry naturally.

Then I brought in another of my favourite techniques which is the use of drawing inks.  So I blended some drawing ink across the page VERY DILUTED which looked good so I thought, what will happen if I apply bleach with some drawing ink (because as we know, gelato's are permanent once mixed with water and dry) well, the result was a bit of a shock - a nice one at that!  - The drawing ink split! Hence you will see what looks like ageing on the background and black marking specks but thats the drawing ink in the bleach which didn't lift any of the gelato's because they were permanently fixed!!! That was something new for me anyway!!!

So I continued stamping, the lightbulb (again Viva Decor) with the chain which is actually the watch chain from the same stamp set as the man. I stamped the numbers which I think are visible image, the splats which are also Visible Image I think and the words and borders which are again Viva Decor.

I painted the lightbulb in with Imagination Crafts gold starlights which is perfect for the glisten that I needed and some circles from old bottle lids.

The sentiment was stamped "for a gentleman.....Golden Memories" - Viva Decor.

I added some Sizzix die cut cogs from brown card stock and applied those.

What a vintage look! I think that drawing ink in the bleach was brilliant and aged it very well indeed!

Hope you like what you see,

Thanks for stopping by,
Leanne xx


  1. A great card Leanne - love the sound of your 'happy accident'
    Avril x

  2. Hi Leanne, this is a beautiful card for a gentleman. Super!
    Hugs Carola