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Friday, 8 July 2016

Sing With Stripes!

 Morning!  Well, I got so engrossed with this one I completely lost track of time, the kids dinner, the dogs dinner, the cats dinner - have you ever been there - it's a wonderful place!!!!!!

I was inspired to make this card for the Cards In Envy latest challenge "Stripes".

I remembered to take photo's of this technique as I went along (that's good for me!) so that I could explain what I've done with pictures to help you see.  Cards in Envy have to be no more than 1/4" thick so as to fit in an American Envy envelope i.e no bulk - no ribbons, buttons, excessive layering etc - so what you see here is an optical illusion and is all on ONE PIECE OF CARD with one single backing of rich plum card - I impressed myself with this one I have to admit!!!!!

Ok, here we go with my step by step:-

Firstly I stamped the Visible Image Stamp of the woman singing and some Visible Image musical notes. I masked her dress only with masking fluid. Then masked around the edge to fit her into a nice square with the notes and applied removable tape in stripes across. 

I used Momento inks with Inkylicious ink dusters to apply colour between the strips of removable tape.

Then removed the strips of tape and reapplied them over the inked areas - with me so far? This left again, white strips.

Then inked these areas too and removed all the tape and stamped some stars to jazz it up a bit.

Now I had to work on the background (I had an image in my head - just needed to sort it in my head!!!!). So I masked off the whole inner square area with a cut down masking sheet and applied the removable tape in the opposite direction - keeping up with me?

Then inked in-between the tape.

Moved the tape to cover the inked areas (as in the third photograph) and inked in-between again. Then removed all the removable tape. This picture shows the tape removed just leaving the masking sheet in place so that you can see the great reveal coming.

Ta Dah!!!!!  This made me really happy to see that it had worked well!  I rubbed off the masking fluid from the girls dress to reveal nice white stripes on her dress.

The final reveal!  To finish off and to make that centre "pop" without giving the card any depth - I edged around the centre square with a ruler and a fine liner black pen. Stamped the sentiment "sing" again from Visible Image.  Mounted the whole piece of card on to some lovely Creative Expressions Rich Plum card stock and mounted on to the 8 x 8 card.

VERY happy with that!

I would like to enter this card in to the current Cards In Envy "Stripes" challenge.

Thanks for stopping by,
Leanne x


  1. Love this! Your design and stripes are fabulous!! Thanks for sharing with us at Cards in Envy.

  2. I love your card; it's perfect for a teen, college student or any music lover. And I really admire the techniques that went into creating this!

    1. thanks Sherry, wasn't sure it was going to work but boy, was I impressed when it did!!!!!! xx